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We are always in search of excellence: high quality cottons, new natural materials, new models and new colors that will make up our future collections … We are constantly seeking to increase our know-how and to expand our ranges forever. more satisfying our customers. We innovate relentlessly to offer original and attractive clothing.

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 We have surrounded ourselves with collaborators with rich and diverse skills, which gives us unique know-how. Our desire is to offer quality 100% cotton clothing with excellent raw material and impeccable finishes! Unbeatable value for money and clothing accessible to all: this is our goal!

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We have made customer satisfaction a priority! We make every effort to provide impeccable customer service. Professionals and individuals, with us all our customers are kings! A family business par excellence, we favor proximity and listening.

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We work transparently and honestly with our clients. Being authentic and honest is fundamental for us who advocate the natural! Do what we say and say what we do, is our motto! We pay particular attention to respecting working and hygienic conditions, while respecting the environment.

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All our clothes are created in our own manufacturing workshop, located as close as possible to the cotton fields. Concerned about respecting the environment, we promote short circuits and manufacture our clothes taking all environmental parameters into consideration. La Cotonnière is an ethical brand committed to sustainable development. Our desire is to favor the sustainable rather than the consumable, with timeless collections and clothing resistant to time.

"We are proud of the values we defend!"