The Cotton is a vegetable fiber which envelops the cotton tree beans (Gossypium), a shrub of the Malvaceous family.  This fiber is usually transformed into a tread which is woven to make fabrics.

Cotton is the most important natural fiber produced in the world and is ideal to manufacture light and nice to wear garments.

Our Cotton comes from one of the biggest producing country in the world, where the harvests are the most beautiful ones.  The quality of the Peruvian Cotton is very specific and cannot be found in any other country : it made the reputation of our brand, recognized by our retailers and our clients alike.

We take special care of the quality of our raw material and produce timeless garments with excellent cut, comfort and absolute wellbeing.

The 100 % Cotton Collection

The 100 % Cotton Collection, first creation of the brand, represents nowadays the brand’s flagship products.  The choice of models and sizes is very wide (250 references).  It allows us to touch a very wide market segment.


The Collections (available colors and sizes) :

– Women : White, Black, Turquoise and Denim  /  Sizes from 0 to 10.
– Men : White and Black  /  Sizes 1 to 6.

– Children : White and Pink  /  Sizes from 2 years to 14 years.

We take special care of all the details and finishing : delicate embroideries give that special touch to all the garments.  Lightness, elegance and Nature are the assets of this Collection.

The Organic Collection

There is a worldwide increasing demand for Organic Cotton.

In order to meet consumers’ demand, La Cotonnière has created in 2009 its own Organic Cotton Collection.

In accordance with the Environment Protection Law, 95% of the fibers we use come from Organic Agriculture.

So to speak, this collection is at the heart of our ethics: sustainable development and protection of our environment. Wearing a La Cotonnière Organic Cotton garment is simply escaping to the daily routine : imagine a bright sunshine, breath the wind, run in cotton fields and unwind for a moment … Everything has been conceived to respect Nature : dyeing is 100 % natural, the fabric is incredibly silky and buttons are made of mother-of-pearl.

Those comfortable and elegant garments are not only available in the same sizes as the 100 % Cotton Collection, but is nicely completed by a Baby Collection, in 3, 6 and 12 months sizes.